Automatic Crosscut Saws

Stromab Matrix Automatic Push Fed Crosscut Saw

The Matrix range is able to meet all the requirements of 90° crosscutting, popular with manufacturers of traditional packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), garden furniture, solid wood furniture, wood doors and windows. 

Stromab CT600 Automatic Crosscut Saw For Straight and Angled Cutting

The CT600 is the perfect machine for highly demanding customers, flexible, yet offering high production capabilities. The CT600 is the industry standard for producers of special packaging, indoor and outdoor furnishings and timber frame walls.

Stromab Matrix Fast 500 High Speed Automatic Crosscut Saw

The latest addition to the Matrix family was designed to reduce sawing times and increase production. Thanks to an innovative variable geometry cutting system, the Fast 500 can accomodate what the competition can't.

Stromab Matrix F Programmable Push Fed Automatic Crosscutting and Notching Machine

A heavy duty optimising upstroke crosscut and notching machine, designed for programmable and repetitive cutting and notching from standard and / or random lengths of timber. 

Stromab CT600/F Automatic Fully Programmable Angle Crosscutting and Notching Machine

A completely automatic heavy duty programmable upstroke crosscut saw for the accurate cutting of straight and angled components, with integrated notching unit. 

Stromab Matrix HD Engineered Timber Crosscutting Saw

A heavy duty (HD) automatic hydraulic upstroke crosscut saw suitable for programmable and repetitive cutting of engineered timber such as I-joists, glulam, kerto and LVL. 

Cursal TRSI AP Automatic Crosscut Saw

An automatic push-feed crosscut saw, with CNC programmable sequential cutting of boards, ideally suited for pallet board, fencing and shed manufacturers or anywhere where speed and accuracy are required. 

Cursal TRV 2200E Throughfeed Upstroke Optimising and Defecting Crosscut Saw

A high speed optimising and defecting throughfeed crosscutting saw, designed for fast cutting of components from fixed or random lengths of timber, the optimization is of the whole length of the board ( or part of it ) The machine is controlled by an industrial computer with CNC and HD touch screen, allowing to create and store up to 128 cutting programmes. 

H&M HM-T Anglemaster Automatic Push Fed Crosscut Saw

A completely automatic upstroke saw specifically designed for the accurate cutting of both straight and angled timber components. The rotation of the sawblade is NC controlled and operates very quickly and accurately. 

H&M HM-Z3 Automatic Push Fed Crosscut Saw For Straight & Angle Cutting

A completely automatic 3 axis saw specifically designed for the accurate cutting of trusses / I joists / LVL / CLT and other components. All movements are NC controlled and operate very quickly and accurately. As standard the machine has CNC controlled cutting height.

H&M HM-D Automatic Push Fed Crosscut Saw For Straight Cutting

A completely automatic upstroke saw suitable for cutting single and packs of timber.  The machine is equipped with a rack and pinion positioning system to ensure accurate positioning for both long and short lengths.  The machine is of heavy duty construction and is suitable for heavy or variable weights of timber.  The sawblade action is in a quarter circle enabling wide sections of timber to be crosscut.  The machine can be manufactured to work either left to right or vice versa.  

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