JJ Smith Roller Table with Electronic Digital Stop

A versatile roller table and digital stop, that can be fitted to a variety of woodworking machines, where a simple but accurate measuring system is required, the system is available in 3 - 10mt lengths, and incorporates the robust and durable Flip/Stop fitted with a Sico magnetic length measuring system, the flip over stop is manually positioned along the fence and the position is displayed on the LED unit.


50mm diameter rollers @ 300mm centres,
450mm wide rollers, rated @ 100kgs, 
Adjustable height 600 - 950mm,
50mm aluminium fence,
Flip Stop metal track with scale and 1 x flip over stop,
Sico MA504 display unit with 6 digit LED display,
up to 3 year battery life,


Optional Equipment

Price per extra meter
Extra stop with readout
600mm wide rollers (additional cost per 3m)
1100mm wide rollers (additional cost per 3m)
76mm diameter rollers rather than 50mm rollers -  (additional cost per m)
Infills sections between rollers (per m)
Universal table fixing bracket