Cursal TRSI AP Automatic Crosscut Saw

An automatic push-feed crosscut saw, with CNC programmable sequential cutting of boards, ideally suited for pallet board, fencing and shed manufacturers or anywhere where speed and accuracy are required. The structure of the machine is of a one piece frame designed to ensure long lasting strength and rigidity and is prepared for the installation of various optional equipment such as infeed chains with separating system, vacuum loading and outfeed sorting belt.

The push-feed system with pneumatic lifting of the pusher is feeding from right to left, moving on a linear guide-way ( rolling circulation system ) with lubrication devise and driven by brush-less servo motor with high torque and precision. the speed of the pusher is programmable up to 200 M/Min with an accuracy of +/- 0.2mm/m


The saw cutting is controlled by the machine CNC with adjustable cutting time from 0.3 to 2 seconds, the vertical movement of the saw blade is pneumatic with adjustable speed, the Ø500mm saw blade is driven by a 7.5hp brake motor.  In order to ensure a perfect square cut there is a pneumatic side alignment arm with adjustable pressure fitted before the blade and a pneumatic vertical press equipped with braking wheels with adjustable force and made from high resistance rubber fitted on the outfeed of the saw.


The machine is controlled by an industrial computer ( CNC with colour display ) allowing the operator quick and easy programming and able to save more than 100 cutting lists ( sequences ) each with 9 different length sizes in any quantity, with customised head and tail waste cuts.


There are 3 levels of CNC operating systems, 
AP version is a simple programmable sequence programme with limited optimisation at the end of the board sequence.
OL version is full optimisation, with board measuring on the pusher.
E version is full optimising and defect cutting from chalk mark.  


Pre loading shelves are fitted to the infeed table for preparing the next boards to be cut ( not available if the machine is fitted with the CALS automatic feeding system )
For total protection the loading side of the machine is fitted with IR safety barrier ( infra red beam )




Self braking motor - 7.5Kw 
Saw blade diameter - 500mm 
Max cutting width -  360mm x 55mm
Max cutting height - 135mm x 270mm
Rack and pinion drive system with brushless motor
6m infeed capacity length
Positioning speed 100m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.4mm
Pneumatic overhead return of pusher
1m outfeed table
High-res 12" touchscreen controller
USB & Ethernet port

Optional Equipment

Extended infeed table
Extended outfeed table
Pnuematic side clamp
Hydraulic saw unit
Label Printer
High speed inkjet cartridge printer
Outfeed monitor
Office software
Dust unit
Other options on request