Cursal TRV 2200E Throughfeed Upstroke

Optimising and Defecting Crosscut Saw

A high speed optimising and defecting throughfeed crosscutting saw, designed for fast cutting of components from fixed or random lengths of timber, the optimization is of the whole length of the board ( or part of it ) The machine is controlled by an industrial computer with CNC and HD touch screen, allowing to create and store up to 128 cutting programmes. 

Motorised upper beam with 8 x pneumatic pressure rollers infeed side of the saw blade. and 2 x pressure rollers on exit side of saw blade. The fast vertical stroke of the saw is achieved by 2 pneumatic synchronized cylinders with adjustable speed from 0.1 to 0.7 seconds. feeding direction is from right to left with feed speed of the boards up to 280 m/min. Various optional infeed and outfeed equipment is also available.


Separate switch board control panel
128 programmes, classified by 16 widths
8 x qualities
Optimisation by priority, length, quantity or value
Waste recovery, also change cutting program automatically when maximum waste is exceeded.
Simulator of the optimisation with or without board ( virtual simulation )
Possibility to connect to Ethernet port for on-line assistance
Serial connection to external PC and printer
Defecting camera
Feed system with brushless motor
Motorised upper feed system with pneumatic pressure wheels adjustable by height
500mm diameter blade
Quick change saw blade with anti lock nut 
8kw installed power
Minimum / Maximum infeed length 500mm / 6300mm
Minimum / Maximum outfeed length 20 - 3000mm ( opt lengths available )
Minimum / Maximum timber thickness 8mm / 70mm ( opt 85mm )
Minimum / Maximum timber width 30mm / 250mm ( opt 300mm )
Minimum length of last cut piece 180mm
Working speed examples maximum:  tested with board s cross cut section 2500mm2 
Cut lengths of 100mm = up to 150 cuts/min, 
Cut lengths OF 250m = up to 125 cuts /min
Average cut length tolerance: Up to 1m = +/- 0.7mm; above 1m = +/- 0.1% of the programmed length

Optional Items

Infeed motorised conveyor Rollers ( RALM 5000 X 450 )
Double defect marking station ( PSR2C 5000 X 200 ) for RALM as above
550mm saw blade
6000mm sorting belt with 4 electronic kickers (TSEP 6000 X 300 /4E 60 )
Supports for guides each
Automatic infeed chains ( AOCS1 3000 X4000 X 6 )
Double marking table with rollers ( PSR 2C ) for AOCS1 as above
8000mm sorting belt with 6 kickers ( TSEP 8000 X 300 /6E 60 )