JJ Smith Design2Wood Conversion Software

Design2Saw is a piece of software which allows users to create, import and export files being used on their machines.  The level of the software determines which of these functions can be used.  This is to be used in place of software such as OptiMaster and Stromab Downloader.


Level 1 is primarily for users who wish to write their cutting lists directly into the software and transfer to the machine.  These files are not optimised and as such this level is recommended for machines which can optimise the files themselves (if required).

Level 2 is the same as Level 1 but has the additional option to import files and convert them into the desired output files.  Again, these files will not be optimised.


Level 3 gives the customer full user access to the software.  This means all features provided in Levels 1 and 2 as well as being able to optimise files.  Level 3 is recommended for anyone who is switching over from OptiMaster or for customers with more than one machine/ machine type.  This level of the software also allows the user to create optimisation history reports if they use the function of allocating job numbers to each cutting list.


Level 1
- Manually input sizes 
- Export to machine format (unoptimised)

Level 2
- Manually input sizes
- Import from design software
- Export to machine format (unoptimised)

Level 3
- Manually input sizes
- Import from design software
- Export to machine format (unoptimised)
- Optimise

Current Imports Formats:
- Consultec          (.csv)
- Optimaster        (.csv) 
- BTL                   (.btl)
- BTLx                 (.xml)
- GangNail           (.boq)
- Steico                (.lst)

Current Export Formats:
- Stromab            (.xml)
- H&M                  (.lst)
- Cursal               (.udf)

Optional Equipment

Special or new conversion
Networked version (1 licence)