Graule Z85 NS Radial Arm Cross Cut Saw

A compact, but well designed / engineered German built radial arm cross cut saw with a facility for the easy cutting of angled or straight components. A unique feature of the machine is that when angle cutting is required the saw unit pivots about a central point thus always maintaining the same cutting length. On request the machine can be fitted with a number of options including digital readouts to swivel and / or tilt (N model), hydraulic damper brake to the saw head movement and also pneumatic work piece clamps. Graule saws are ideal for cutting wood, aluminium, plastics and composite materials



Precision ball bearing movement on hardened steel runners.
Sturdy cast iron construction with steel base stand.
Motor 2kw.
Spring return of sawcarriage.
300mm max. sawblade dia.
45 - 90 - 45 degree horizontal movement (swivel)
45 - 90 degree vertical movement (tilt).
Adjustable upper protection
1 x TCT sawblade for wood 300 x 72 teeth x 3.2mm kerf x 40mm bore - WZ alternate bevel
Cutting capacity:
380mm x 85mm deep at 90 degrees.
270mm wide x 60mm deep at 45 degrees
Dust extraction outlet 75mm

Optional Equipment

Hydraulic brake feed
Pneumatic clamp to left side of saw blade
Digital display to horizontal angle setting (swivel)
Digital display to vertical angle setting (tilt)
Spare blade for wood
Blade for cutting aluminium / plastics 300 x 40 x 3.3 Z 96 FTZ
Increas cutting length to 490mm