Comec TD/1200 Automatic Twin Blade Angle Cut Off Saw For Stair Spindles

A heavy duty precision twin cut off saw for high production of angle or straight cut staircase spindles. With automatic hopper feed for production output of over 700 spindles per hour.

Comec TD/1200 Automatic Twin Blade Compound Angle Cut Off Saw

A versatile heavy duty twin cut off saw suitable for all furniture components. Twin saw units have pneumatic stroke with hydrocheck for precision cutting. Fitted with automatic hopper feeder

Omga V235 Twin Blade Mitre Saw

Pneumatically controlled mitre saw with patented bi-directional clamping system which allows clamping of profiled workpieces without need of counter profile or setting of clamps for different mouldings. 

Omga V235 NC Automatic Twin Blade Mitre Saw

The V235 NC is a high speed precision fixed blade 45° mitre saw, specially developed for the picture frame industry.

Omga T50/350 Saca Single Blade Mitre Saw

Heavy duty precision single blade mitre saw with rotating table and self centering pneumtaic locking at all the main angles.

Omga TRF 527 Twin Bladde Mitre Saw For Cutting Glazing Beads

A twin blade saw that has been specifically designed for cutting glazing beads accurately to length, with either a straight or mitred cut.

Omga V2013 ANC Automatic Twin Blade Mitre Saw

The V2013 ANC is a high speed precision mitre saw for the picture frame, joinery and furniture industries.

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Mitre Saws