Omga TRF 527 Twin Blade Mitre Saw For Cutting Glazing Beads

A twin blade saw that has been specifically designed for cutting glazing beads accurately to length, with either a straight or mitred cut.  The machine has two work-levels one set above the other, allowing two lengths of beading to be cut simultaneously.  The two lengths of bead are held secure during the cutting operation by the front pneumatic clamps.  Setting the correct length is achieved by means of handwheel moving the left head in relationship to the fixed right head, the length is easily read from the  mechanical digital display.


Min/Max. cutting length 150mm - 2400mm
Max. cutting section at 90° 55 x 100mm
Max. cutting section at 45° 40 x 100mm
2 x sawblades dia. 220mm x 30mm bore
Motor 1.6hp, 3 phase
CE Safety requirements

Optional Equipment

Increased length 2800 mm
Increase length 4000 mm
Pneumatic length stop for trimming
Manual length stop for trimming
NC measuring system ( nc machine only )
4 position turret stops
Dust collecting unit
Label printer ( NC only )
Pack of 2 labels rolls
Extra central mobile support