ProfiStop Advanced Programmable Positioning System

ProfiStop is a range of length stop and feeding systems suitable for transforming your saws into simple to use, automated, high-productivity workstations. In addition ProfiStop streamlines your production management in the most intuitive ways possible, from the initial order to finished parts.

"Advanced" features include:
- 10" Colour touch screen 
- Simple to use windows interface
- Drag-and-drop / email cutting lists (wifi required)
- Length stop or push feed
- Blade Kerf compensation

Optionally, ProfiStop's' OptiCut-1D cloud based production software allows you to manage, modify and rearrange your production from any computer in the world with internet access.


240 VAC Motor
Steel reinforced belt drive
Positioning accuracy 0.1mm
Positioning Speed 1.9m/s
Max feed weight 40-100kg

Job Memory 10,000+

2.5m Capacity
4.0m Capacity
5.5m Capacity
7.0m Capacity
8.5m Capacity

Optional Equipment

2.5m Flat Table
4.0m Flat Table
5.5m Flat Table
7.0m Flat Table
8.5m Flat Table
2.5m Roller Table
4.0m Roller Table
5.5mm Flat Table
7.0m Roller Table
8.5m Roller Table
Outfeed Table 1.5m
Outfeed Table 3m
Auto Label Printing
Auto Label Printing With Barcodes
On-screen Cut List Optimisation