Stromab TR601 Hydraulic Upstroke Crosscut Saw

A robust upstroke crosscutting  machine designed for heavy duty crosscutting with hydraulic stroke to the 12hp saw unit. The machine is supplied with 1 meter infeed and 1 meter outfeed tables and optionally can be fitted with longer Roller tables or automatic pusher feed systems including defect sawing and optimisation programming. Machine with 660mm cutting width is suitable for cutting very wide boards.



Self braking motor - 9.2Kw    
Saw blade diameter - 600mm   
Max cutting width (refer to chart) - 660mm             
Max cutting height (refer to chart) - 200mm              
Dust hoods dia 100mm TR500 - 2                                 
Nett weight - 670kg   
1000mm  infeed work table 
1000mm outfeed work table
Slide for automatic discharge of offcuts
600mm dia TCT sawblade
Two hand push button control
CE safety certification

Optional Equipment

Roller table 90mm diameter (per meter)
Manual side stop 60mm
Manual side stop 250mm
Pneumatic side stop 60mm
Pneumatic side stop 250mm
Extra 600mm TCT sawblade
Laser marker (220 Volt)
Tilted base (8°)
Pneumatic movement of front protection